Choice Organics is the leading specialist Wholesaler and Importer of fresh Organic Fruit, Organic Vegetables and other Organic Produce, primarily serving London and the Home Counties, and with a network of delivery options covering the whole of the UK.

With over 30 years’ experience exclusively in the organic market, Choice Organics sources produce of the highest available quality, utilising longstanding relationships with experienced growers in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Offering customers a fully personalised service, Choice Organics provides help & advice for organic start-ups and support for all types of organic retail, including tailored point of sale material. With 24 hour secure online ordering, experienced staff available 17 hours a day to answer questions, and overnight, next day or timed deliveries, it’s no wonder Choice Organics is the leading supplier to many of the best wholefood supermarkets, shops, box schemes, restaurants and delicatessens across South East England.

Choice Organics prides itself on providing the best possible quality at the most competitive prices to its customers, many of whom have been loyal for over 20 years.

Choice Organics News

Choice Green Juice Get Your Juice On!
With the ever increasing popularity of Organic Cold Pressed Juices and Detox courses we have become specialists in supplying this type of business - whether it is a brand heading for the supermarket shelves or a mobile juicebar in a van at a festival!
So whatever your specialist needs might be, we can help - year-round Kale, Spinach & Herbs, turmeric, exclusive Organic Fresh Coconuts - as well as cheaper 'processing' varieties of standards like apple, carrot cucumber etc.

Choice Organic Cranberry Muscat Grapes - simply the best?
One of our absolute favourite fruits has just arrived - Muscat de Hamburg Grapes.
There are over 200 varieties of Muscat grapes, most grown to make dessert & fortified wines as they exhibit a beautiful aromatic sweetness.
Thought to have been first cultivated in the 1850s in England the Muscat de Hamburg is the only black skinned eating variety, which at the height of the season can be encrusted with sugar crystals!

Choice Organic UK Apple Shitake & Oyster Mushrooms
For many years Choice Organics have tried to broaden our range of mushrooms from the standard brown, white and portobello.
We have finally found a grower with a selection of more exotic varieties, so have been stocking their Shitake and Oyster, and they're great!
So why not give them a try - with only 4 punnets in a box, and a decent shelf-life they are proving really popular.