Choice Organics Ethos

We know we are only as good as our last delivery!

  • We want to work with our customers, to develop their business to its fullest potential.
  • Our mission is to supply the freshest and highest quality organic produce we can find at sustainable prices.
  • We aim to provide the finest possible customer service with on time and accurate deliveries.
  • We can assure reliable supply by maintaining strong relationships with the best organic growers.
  • Happiness is increasing the availability of nutritious organic food to consumers.

Choice Organics Today

Choice Organics opened in 1991 and now resides in a purpose built depot with state of the art refrigeration in West London, near Heathrow. We are neighbours to Western International Market, just off junction 3 of the M4.

We stock over 200 lines of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for retail, home delivery, hospitality and juicing market sectors.

Choice Organics is proud to support organic farmers and growers of all generations.

We have long-standing relationships with many farms in the UK and abroad who have grown with us as the market for organic produce steadily matures. Our loyalty to these family run businesses helps us maximise availability of often hard-to-get crops.

We are also keen to nurture new talent and always happy to hear from new and young organic farming businesses. If you are a new generation organic farmer seeking an outlet please Contact Us

Our Organic Certification

Choice Organics is certified by the Soil Association – the only organic certifying body with household recognition.

We are inspected annually and uphold the strictest organic standards to preserve the integrity of the industry. We submit all of our suppliers to the Soil Association before we purchase from them. This enables a fully-traceable provenance for the produce – from the retail outlet right back to the soil it was grown in.

To download a copies of our current Soil Association documentation, please click below:

Sa Organic Certificate (P8373) Exp 30/11/23

Sa Trading Schedule (P8373) Exp 30/11/23

Choice Organics Core Qualities

Our customers’ success is the key to ours.

We take pride in helping customers achieve their goals. We stay in regular contact to assist with ordering, displaying and marketing organic produce. By ensuring ‘customers come first’ Choice Organics achieves excellent customer loyalty.

100% Organic

Choice Organics is and always has been fully organic and does not even carry ‘in conversion’ goods. Our strictly controlled inventory and distribution standards ensure the safety, traceability and provenance of your food. Therefore these is no possibility of cross-contamination from conventional products.

Widest Range and Optimised Buying

We pride ourselves on carrying the widest range of organic produce possible at any time. We love to seek out new lines, new varieties and new growers.

We also apply a policy of Optimised Buying – which ensures the produce we select is at its best. Some wholesalers like to be first to the market with new season crops, however, harvesting too early leads to supplying under-ripe goods. Typical examples are sour Spanish blueberries while the southern hemisphere crops are still available and beautifully sweet; or pale, firm and tasteless peaches and apricots at the start of the summer soft fruit season. We would rather wait until the eating quality will guarantee you have happy customers who will come back for more.

Health Insurance

At Choice Organics we believe that food and good health are intrinsically entwined. Eating organic food is the best health insurance you can get – minimise the toxins and maximise the nutrients. We are motivated by knowing that countless families across the land benefit from our organic food.

Locally Positioned

We serve and manage our customers in London and the Home Counties and further afield directly, with our fleet of vans and fully trained drivers. Our sales team are always happy to visit our customers, wherever they are, to help maximise the service we can provide for you.

Dedicated Wholesale Service

We are wholesalers of fresh organic produce and only wholesalers of fresh organic produce – unlike others! We do not run a home delivery scheme which could compete for customers with your business, nor do we act as distributers for other products – such as meat, so our warehouse and vans are completely vegetarian.