Choice Organics Produce

All the produce supplied by Choice Organics is fresh and Soil Association Certified as Organic

  • Fresh Organic Vegetables – Usually around 100 different lines available.
  • Fresh Organic Fruit – Usually around 50 different lines available, many more during the UK season.
  • Fresh Organic Salads – In washed, packaged retail portions or catering quantities.
  • Fresh Organic Herbs – In packaged retail portions or catering quantities.
  • Fresh Organic Seed & Bean Sprouts - In packaged retail portions or catering quantities.
  • Wheatgrass – Always available.
  • Organic Dairy Products – Eggs and various Cheeses always available.
  • Juicing Lines – Juicing quality Organic Carrots, Apples and Oranges are always available at special rates.
  • Non-Food Items – Including our own unique design recycled paper bags, available in 3 sizes. Each bag carries a distinctive design and information promoting the benefits of organic food.

Seasonal Availability

Choice Organics offers the widest possible range of UK produce available. In addition, we look for the best quality and the best prices from Europe and around the world to maintain availability throughout the year. Some customers prefer local produce, while for others quality is more important, therefore Choice Organics will often list a UK and European option for the same line. We regularly take on new lines, and specialise in being the first to bring new varieties to the market. The table below is a guide to availability and source country for our basic lines, and can be downloaded from this link: Choice Organics Seasonal Availability Guide